The best site to find out today's gold price per gram

If selling your old gold is something that's becoming more and more of a possibility for you, then checking out today's gold price per gram is a pretty important place to start in sizing up just how much you can earn by flogging your old gold. In this blog we're going to share the best links with you for arming yourself with info on selling your gold.

Simply put, the better you understand the process involved in selling your old, the more you stand to make from it! With this in mind, we recommend starting your search with the Gold Price website. This website allows you to check out current prices for all weights and purities of gold. They also have a helpful Scrap Gold Calculator you can check out to get a rough idea of how much your piece is worth. You can find it online at goldprice.org.

Next up, we recommend checking out one of the many online guides to maximising the amount you are getting from your gold. You can find one such site offering this service at myprecious.co.uk/how-to/selling-gold. This site explains and lists all of the terms you'll be needing to familiarise yourself with like Carats, Hallmarks, and even gives a guide to figuring out the value of your gold yourself.

Once you've checked out these two sites, you should be ready to actually take the plunge and look into selling your old gold. One site offering a fair deal on gold prices right now is Cash 4 My Gold, who you can find online at cash4mygold.co.uk/BestPrice. This site informs you of their prices before hand, and will mail you back with a quote as quickly as possible.

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