How to get the best UK health insurance deals

Health insurance premiums have constantly risen in the recent years and for this reason, more and more people are interested in getting the cheapest deals that will allow them to save money on a monthly basis. The best UK health insurance deals can be obtained by shopping around and requesting quotas from as many providers as possible. Here are some of the websites that may help you get good deals.

Health Insurance Comparison

This website provides a free service and it compares quotes from no less than 80 providers. Being an independent website, Health Insurance Comparison (healthinsurancecomparison.co.uk) will not influence your choice and you can use their system even if you have a pre-existent condition. In order to get personalized quotes, you will be required to submit your personal details as well as some information about your health.

Active Quote

Offering quotes from providers such as Bupa, Patient Choice, Aviva, Tesco, WPA, SAGA and many more others, Active Quote (activequote.com/health-insurance) is a website that allows users to request instant quotes in just three steps. All you need to do is fill in your information and the website will scan the market for you. You will then be able to compare the quotes and buy your health insurance online.


This well-known website allows you to compare quotes from some of the most important health insurance providers in the UK by simply filling in a form with your details. Some of the providers from which you will get quotes include Aviva, Patient Choice, Bupa, Standard Life and more.

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