The cheapest store in the UK?

During these times of hardship, Poundland has increasingly become an attractive option for people desperate to bag a bargain.

But venture to Staines, Middlesex, and a new shop promises cheaper deals still. Shop owner Amarjeet Singh has opened a 98p + store, stocking a similar range to Poundland, so everything from sweets to books and cleaning products.

A survey by the Local Data Company (LDC) found that many people are choosing to shop out of town rather than in their local stores

Mr Singh said: 'It is a reflection of the times that people want cheaper everyday items and are coming here instead of Poundland, if they can save two pence.'

'We didn't deliberately set up this shop, which is our third, right opposite Poundland but we do find that people walk past both shops and come in here instead of Poundland' he continued.

'Yes, it's only two pence cheaper but a lot of people come in here and buy in bulk so if they are wanting to buy 10 packets of sponges or 15 mugs at 98 pence each, they can save quite a bit of money,' the shopkeeper concluded.

However, store manager at the neighbouring Poundland, Chandresh Goti, seemed unfazed: 'We have branded products here and people will see that. These are products that people trust and know so I am not fazed by the 98 pence store because we have quality products at cheaper prices,' he said.

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