The John Lewis never-ending refund

John Lewis is making a bold step for retailing by becoming the first to introduce a never-ending refund limit.

The 28-day time limit for refunds is a pain in the neck at the best of times – particularly if you’ve been given an unwanted gift from someone ina different area and you find it tricky to get to a store in time to return it.

But with the new policy, shoppers can return goods even if they were bought before the start of this year. Andrew Murphy, retail director at John Lewis, said the firm wants the policy to inspire customer confidence at a time when consumers are naturally more cautious with what they purchase.

‘We are not doing it so people can clear out their wardrobes,’ he told the Daily Telegraph. ‘We are doing it to underline to people in economically difficult times that there is one shop where you can buy from where you will not end up regretting it.’

The only other shop who likewise offer a never-ending refund is household goods store Lakeland.

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