The need for speed!

You may think that your broadband is a certain speed, but how do you know? Now you can check how quick your connection is with Ofcom's online broadband map, which reveals the fastest and slowest internet speeds across the UK.

Those canny Scots have the best of it, with Edinburgh having the fastest average broadband speed of 10.1MB per second, followed by Bristol. While Fermangh and Cookstown in Northern Ireland boast the slowest average broadband speeds of 4.3 and 4.4MB per second respectively.

Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards said: 'We are now developing a clear picture of the UK's fixed broadband infrastructure and how it delivers for consumers.

'We hope that this information will stimulate further rollout of broadband infrastructure and better performance for households and businesses.'

More rural areas tend to have lower broadband speeds, as telephone lines made of copper tend to be longer in these areas, and broadband speed is reduced the longer the line length.

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