The new voice of sat nav

Not known for his soothing delivery and measured public offerings, the new voice of sat nav is none other than His Royal Abrasiveness, Jeremy Clarkson. So, as you're steadily negotiating the traffic, drivers will soon have the tongue-in-cheek instructions of motoring's chief controversialist to contend with.

Perhaps the soothing tones of someone like, say, Joanna Lumley, would have been a better choice (though arguably as distracting to some). As well as featuring your man Jezza, the new Tom Tom is to feature a a Stig mode – based on Top Gear's mysterious and reticent racing driver. This will allow drivers to turn off Mr Clarkson and his testosterone-fuelled ranting.

Clarkson describes what the device might sound like. 'It is mostly about the tone of voice I use,' he explained. 'There’s a tone of voice I use when ordering people to do things, so ‘I said left, left, I said left’, you know, that kind of thing. It’s not a gentle sat nav voice, put it like that.'

With Top Gear on of the BBC's most lucrative shows, watched in over 170 countries, the deal between Tom Tom and BBC Worldwide looks likely to be a hit. Clarkson joins a select group of celebrities who have lent their voices in the name of helping drivers reach their chosen destinations.

Ozzy Osbourne, rapper Snoop Dogg and even Roger Moore are among the luminaries to have contributed to Tom Tom in the past.

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