The poshest places to live in England and Wales

While a housing minister last night claimed Britain’s property boom could be over for good, research has showed that there are more than 200 streets in England and Wales where the average home costs more than £1m.

If you’re a crook on look out for some top quality swag, Parkside in Wimbledon, South West London, wouldn’t be a bad bet, having been unveiled as the country's most exclusive millionaires' row, with prices averaging £5.05m.

Outside London, the most expensive street is Woodlands Road West in Virginia Water, Surrey, with prices averaging £2.77m.

Meanwhile in the North West the most expensive street is Withinlee Road in Macclesfield, with average prices of £1.62m. In the North East it’s Graham Park Road in Newcastle, at £1.22m.

In the East Midlands, West Midlands, Yorkshire and the Humber or in Wales there are no houses selling for more than £1m on average.

Flush buyers in Yorkshire and the Humber will have to settle for Bracken Park, Scarcroft, Leeds (£871,000); in the East Midlands Sandy Lane, Northampton (£865,000); in the West Midlands Alderbrook Road, Solihull (£850,000); and in Wales Llantrithyd Road, Glamorgan Vale (£789,000).

The research was carried out by Lloyds TSB.

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