The rising value of gold

The ever increasing price of gold is just one of the many signs of the the rising value of gold in modern society. Gold has been used as a commodity by man for thousands and thousands of years because of its beauty and rarity even know in an age of currencies and electronic money transfers more and more people are returning to gold as a safe haven for their savings.

The reason for this massive swing back to gold is because of the dangers associated with paper money. Inflation, quantitative easing and mistrust of governments has meant that price of gold has risen over 50% in the last 24 months, the value of gold has never been bigger.

Gold itself is invested in and traded in many different ways. You can choose to physically own gold or perhaps hold a certificate in many of the banking institutions that offer to hold gold for you. For the more inventive or bigger risk takers you can choose to invest in a gold mine.

For investments opportunities you should look into using goldcore.com/, this website has details on how to invest in gold via Gold Certs from the Pert Mint or into Gold Bullion sovereign coins from the UK mint.

Regardless of how you invest in gold its price is determined on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX), the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) or in London where the majority of over the counter transactions are completed.

You can track the price as develops world wide on websites such as goldprice.org/ which carries price history and offers links to charts and statistics that can help gold investors.

The rising value of gold can be your ticket to real wealth but you should be aware that the price of gold can rise and fall.




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