The younger you are the more you move

These days, the average 35 year old has lived in five homes, while their grandparents only lived in three different properties across the whole of their lives, according to a new study by the Royal Mail.

And, in a survey of 1,000 people, it was found that one in ten have had ten or more different addresses, due to not being able to buy their own property or just because they feel restless.

The study is all part of an attempt by the Royal Mail to persuade people to get their post redirected when they move home and protect against identity fraud.

Keith Jones, the chief data officer for the Royal Mail, said: 'There are a number of key risk factors that heighten the threat of identity theft, including moving home.

"If people don't take out mail redirection when changing address, their mail will land on their old doorstep, with no control over who opens it, and with more and more people renting and changing properties more often, this threat is escalating.

'We want people moving home to make sure they are taking the right steps to protect themselves. People should see a mail redirection as part of the whole process of moving home, so it should come just as naturally as booking in the removal van.'

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