Things more likely to happen than winning the lottery and Euromillions

With such long odds no one there is loads of stuff more likely to happen than a lottery win. With odds like 1 in 176 million, lottery wins are pretty few and far between. Lifetimes have been and gone without a win so why waste your money on a ticket? The following are silly things you’ll never do that are more likely to happen to you than a lotto win.

Long odds

You’re more likely to have identical quadruplet children than you are to win the Euromillions as the odds on that are just 1 in 15 million. You’re also more likely to become the next President of the USA as the odd are 1 in 10 million (although you have to be American to stand a chance there). Becoming a movie star is more likely than a Euromillions win as the odds on that are 1 in 1.5 million. The odds on you become an astronaut and walking on the moon are a little longer than that at 1 in 12 million but there’s still more chance of that happening to you than a jackpot win.

Short odds

You’re more likely to do one of these things than win the lottery but the odds are still very long. You have a 1 in 22,000 chance of becoming a professional athlete. But winning a gold medal at the Olympics is less likely at 1 in 662,000. An Academy Award win is more likely than that as it’s just 1 in 11,500 (they hand out so many awards nowadays). The one stat we like most is that you’re more likely to be born a child genius than any of the above as this is rated as 1 in 250. If that doesn’t sound like your sort of thing, perhaps you fancy your chancing of dating a millionaire. There’s a 1 in 215 chance of that happening to you.

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