Should you get a Thomas Cook credit card?

If you regularly find yourself racking up the air miles, then perhaps it's time you started thinking about picking up a Thomas Cook credit card. For grizzled travellers and regular Joes alike, this credit card is a brilliant option in a competitive market.

A lot of companies have brought out their own Credit Cards offering various incentives. However, for us, the prospect of earning some money off of our holidays is one we find extremely tempting!

As with any financial service, it's best to do your research before you dive head-first into signing up for the card. On that note, we've done our homework, so here's all the information you'll need on the Thomas Cook credit card.

Every purchase earns you "Travel Pounds" which you can use towards getting cheaper holidays or flights with Thomas Cook. If you've built up enough, you may even qualify for a free flight!

0% interest is offered on all purchases within the first three months of getting the card as an incentive to join up.

Owners of the card also get 0% commission on all foreign exchange they carry out through Thomas Cook, which is a brilliant money saver for the regular traveller!

Finally, new card account holders can expect to receive 0% interest on all balance transfers for the first nine months. This could be brilliant if you're finding interest payments hampering the paying off of your debts!

Hopefully this blog has helped you decide that this excellent credit card is for you!

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