Thumbs down to supermarket shopping online

Shopping for your groceries online was meant to be the answer to all our prayers – now we can buy exactly what we want and not be seduced by fancy-looking displays or bored by having to go up and down the same aisle looking for a part of your weekly shop that for no reason has been located in a completely different place and the spotty teenager shop assistant hasn't a clue where to find it either.

Boffins from Kingston University's Faculty of Business and Law have uncovered a number of reasons why we're put off by shopping online for groceries and are now returning to the supermarkets in our droves.

First reason is the fear of missing your delivery slot, or, to be more accurate, the fear that the shopping won't come when they said it would come. This could lead to know end of fuss, hanging around and waiting for the van to come, when you could easily just pop down the shops.

Another reason is that many feel that they won't receive exactly what they ordered. Mistakes and lack of availability mean that often you end up with a different brand than you ordered. When we are in the shops, we can choose our alternatives according to our tastes and whims, but it can be irksome when someone else does this for you, and if it's not to your liking then the only thing you can do is return to the shop with the receipt – thus rendering the whole process pointless.

Often, when it comes to fresh produce, there's a feeling that the worst items are chosen for you – bruised fruit, cartons of milk with a short sell-by-date – so that the supermarket can get ris of unwanted produce.

Add to that the delivery charges, and you may as well get in the car and go down the shops yourself and get it over with. What do you reckon, shopping fans?

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