Thursday night’s all right for flights

A family holiday could work out £800 cheaper if you switch the day of departure away from a Saturday, a consumer watchdog claims.

Ticket prices are routinely bumped up, sometimes by as much as 70%, once the schools break up in July, according to reearch by Which?

But you can cut costs if you’re canny. Take a look at these figures: a holiday with Thomson to Majorca in August for a week can cost £2,334 if you do your travelling on a Saturday morning. But the same holiday departing on a Thursday evening comes in at £1,480 - a saving of £854.

Which? said: 'You could save an average of £39 by departing on a weekday, rather than a weekend during the holidays. Seven of the eight most expensive departure days we found were Saturdays.

'We also found differences of more than £100 between different midweek departure days.'

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