Tipping in the balance

New figures show that Britons feeling the pinch are tipping less in restaurants in order to save cash.

The research, from discount voucher website Myvouchercodes, shows that half of us tip less than 10%, a marked contrast from the days when diners often included an extra 10% as standard practice.

Mark Pearson, chairman of the website, said: ‘Dining out in restaurants is a luxury we all tend to indulge in, and with this research we really wanted to see if and how things may have changed for people over recent years. It wasn't surprising to see that those who were tipping less this year blamed the rise in the cost of living.

‘Rises in VAT and inflation have made eating out ever more expensive, and with tips being discretionary most of the time, they can often be a convenient way of easing the impact on your wallet.’

Pearson added: ‘Tipping is an entirely personal choice. However, it can be difficult to face tipping less than you'd ideally like.We would therefore recommend searching for available discounts and vouchers for restaurants before eating out; they can be a great way of saving the pennies, and easing the effect that inflation has had on your food bill.’

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