Tips on asking for donations

Whether you’re owed money by a friend or if you have to ask people to make payments as part of your job, it’s a universal fact that no one likes asking people for money. When you ask someone for financial help in the form of a donation, you might feel intimated or at least inhibited. These things are natural but they’re also barriers to getting the donation. The following handy tips on asking for donations will help you get passed these issues.
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You read my mind

What you want to hear from the donator is that you read their mind. By that we mean that you understood them and got their attention. To do this you’ll need to research your subject. Work out four things about your potential donor.

  • 1: What kinds of words do they use?
  • 2: What do they really care about?
  • 3: Do they have a history of donating?
  • 4: What are their normal objections and concerns about giving?

With the internet you should be able to research the sorts of people you believe may become donors. This will help you answer the questions above and it will help you create a pitch.

Practice, practice, practice

If you’re seasoned at this sort of thing, you’ll know how to approach a donor and how to read them before you open your mouth. If not, you’ll need to practice. Write down what you’re going to say and then rehearse it in your head to perfect it. Why not practice out loud so you get a feel for your pitch and when you’re comfortable with that, practice in front of the mirror. Your third stage is to record yourself on video and then watch that back. These three stages will help you perfect your pitch.


Never surprise your prospect and always be willing to walk away. Don’t forget that a donor who doesn’t want to know now may change his mind at a later date.

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