Too lazy to insulate

We all probably knew it but it had taken an energy giant to come out and say it: Brits are just too dang lazy to be bothered with the faff of insulating their homes against troublesome drafts.

But the failure to insulate lofts and cavity walls means missing out on savings of up to £390 a year. According to a study by OnePoll, reasons for not giving insulation the green light included having too much stuff in the attic to move, not knowing how to go about it, and this peach of an excuse: not having a ladder.

Energy fitness instructor Kevin Bryant commented on the research, urging homeowners to take action. 'When we feel the cold, it's very tempting to turn on or turn up the heating, but there are other long-term solutions which can make a big difference and help you save money on your bills," he said.

'With a quarter of heat lost through uninsulated roofs and a third through uninsulated walls, installing cavity wall or loft insulation is one of the best long-term approaches to getting your home more energy fit.'

The government hopes that its new Green Deal energy efficiency loan scheme will be an incentive for people to insulate their homes. The scheme attaches the loan payback to the actual energy bills the household receives – thus reducing the initial costs.

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