Top Auto Insurance Companies In The United Kingdom

Getting auto insurance will give extra protection for you vehicle. Although you take measures to protect your automobile, accidents may still occur. Repairing an auto can be expensive, but auto insurance can cover certain fees for damage. There are a variety of auto insurance products available to car owners. Learn about the various insurance companies and products offered to consumers.


Admiral has been offering motor insurance since 1993. This company is among the cheapest auto insurance providers in the United Kingdom. With its multi-car program, drivers that own two cars or more will get a discount up to 23%.  Also, Admiral offers cheaper rates for single car owners. Moreover, purchasing online car insurance will get customers another 10% discount.


Churchill is one of the top companies that offer auto insurance. This company has won multiple awards, including the Best Motor Insurance Provider as well as the Best Online Motor Insurance Provider. Churchill’s policies cover not only the policy holder, but also the spouse. Customers are also offered replacement cars while a customers car is in repair.


Swiftcover is the quickest and easiest to get. It only takes 60 seconds to obtain an insurance policy. The entire process of obtaining insurance is done online. Customers can change their policy or make claims at any time. Swiftcover has also won several awards including Best Car Insurance Provider, Best Internet Buy for Car Insurance, and Best Value for Money Car Insurer.

Direct Line

Direct Line offers low cost and reliable auto insurance. Direct Line has been awarded Best Online Motor Insurance and Best Direct Motor Insurance awards in 2005. This company is known for offering great discounts to their customers. Other benefits include providing customers with a clean up of their vehicle when repairs are completed.





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