Top cashback sites

Cashback sites can be a waste of time because the returns don’t always add up. We’ve had a long look at the web to bring you the top cashback sites.

How it works

Some readers will be suspicious of these sites as you don’t often get something for nothing in this world so let’s explain how they work. Cashback sites ask you to sign up, which should be free, so they get that data which can be used to market to companies. To make the transaction work you have to go into the cashback site and then search the seller’s website from there. When you buy something this way, your logon at the cashback site it credited with a small amount. Some sites allow you to take that money out instantly. Others make you wait until you’ve reached a set threshold. The reason the cashback site has the money to pay you something is because the selling site gives them a commission which is calculated through affiliate links that allow the seller sites to know where you’ve come from. It’s the same system used by comparison sites.


There are lots of sites to consider but TopCashBack is the place that pays out the most. If you go along to topcashback.co.uk and choose the free membership option, you can get started immediately. When you’re owed a pay-out, you should choose to get the funds as vouchers as you can earn up to 8% more this way. You can also trade your rewards for Tesco Clubcard points. If you do this, £10 on TopCashBack makes £10.50 in-store at Tesco or up to £42 when you choose Tesco Rewards.


Quidco is the other site you have to take a look at. You get similar pay-outs to those found at TopCashBack and you’ll often find the two sites competing for exclusive deals. You should head to quidco.com and pick their basic membership to avoid any charges. There is a Premium membership package that charges £5. This one gets you your cashback quicker and offers loyalty bonuses so it can be worthwhile if you’re a heavy user. The money can be paid into a PayPal account or through Amazon vouchers so there aren’t as many options with these guys when it comes to taking out your rewards.

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