Save money with these Top Dog Insurance discount code!

One of the best things about the internet is its ability to save us money. If it's not shopping from abroad, it's picking up bargains from online sales or scanning the top online auction sites for unbeatable deals. But one aspect of the web that surprisingly few people know about is the growing discount code phenomenon.

There are a huge amount of websites out there these days who specialise in finding and listing all the latest discount codes for your favourite websites. If you're willing to put a little time into searching before committing to buying a product online, you should be able to trim even more off your expenses.

In the case of Citibond Holdings division Top Dog Insurance, a UK company who specialise in providing travel insurance at great prices, we've searched the deepest recesses of the internet and come up with a special code just for you.

Top Dog Insurance have a wide range of coverage offers available for anyone in the UK who is searching for holiday cover. Among the coverage offered by them is:

Gap Year Coverage - This policy is specifically for students who are either taking a year off from their studies to travel, or who have decided to temporarily study abroad. It covers all students who fall between the ages of 16 and 45, and has the bonus of including a wide range of sports coverage within the policy.

Single Trip Coverage - This is ideal for those of you who would just like to cover themselves on a once off basis, perhaps for the annual family holiday, or a trip of a lifetime.

Annual Multi Trip Coverage - This one is perfect for regular travellers, especially business people.

Long Stay Coverage -This covers you for between 3 and 18 months at a time, which is ideal for long haul trips. In this policy you are covered for medical expenses, lost or stolen baggage, flight or hotel cancellations as well as more than a hundred sports. Winter sports coverage is optional.

So, if this sounds like it might be right for you, we are happy to present you with our Top Dog Insurance discount code! Enjoy!

Code: TD49 - 20% saving on Gap year, 10 % saving on Annual Multi Trip, 10% saving single trip.



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