Top earning DJs

DJs are no longer just the guy in the booth at the end of a nightclub. Nowadays they’re international media stars with albums in the shops and record labels banging their doors down for more material. We’ve found out who the top earning DJs are.
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Calvin Harris

Why start anywhere but the top? Calvin Harris is the world’s highest paid DJ. In 2014 he took home $66 million. When you consider that the top 10 DJs combined to earn $268 million during 2014, Calvin Harris’ $66 million haul is well impressive. Harris played 125 gigs including a collection of lucrative nights in America’s biggest nightclub Hakkasan in Las Vegas.

David Guetta

David Guetta earned $30 million in 2014 for his efforts. Some of that was made on the road, particularly in Las Vegas and Ibiza, but he also made a lot of cash from his work with Rihanna and for writing songs for Lady Gaga and Britney Spears.


Avicii earned $28 million in 2014. The Swedish DJ is third on our list of top earning DJs thanks in part to an amazing debut album – True. This guy earns a six-figure sum each time he DJs, which he did 80 times in 2014.


Tiesto also took $28 million during 2014. The veteran DJ focused his attentions on Ibiza and Las Vegas and made a large chunk of cash from his residency with Hakkasan where Calvin Harris earned a stack of his cash. He played more than 100 shows again in 2014 and matched the money he earned during a busy 2013 year.

Steve Aoki

Steve Aoki only made the top five because he worked way harder than the others. This guy did 277 shows in 2014 to make $23 million. His endorsements with Bud Light, Guitar Center and Scion also brought him revenue but this hard working DJ made most of his cash from the shows that sometimes involved him flying halfway across the world with just 2 to 3 hours sleep between events.

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