What are the Top Easy Access Savings Accounts?

With the economy in an uncertain state, the Bank of England has set base rates at an historic low of just 0.5%. If you want to achieve a realistic return on your savings and stay ahead of inflation, the top easy access savings accounts are a great starting point. You'll be able to withdraw your money at any time without having to pay a costly penalty. This means that, if you do decide to buy a house or need the cash to pay a few bills, you can get hold of your money with ease.

ING Direct Instant Access Account

Internet accounts have grown in popularity in recent years, but none more so than the ING savings account. You can open your account with just £1 and earn a healthy 3% AER. The interest is added monthly and you can make a withdrawal at any time without paying a penalty. It can be managed online or over the phone.

Post Office Online Saver Account (Issue 4)

If you're prepared to manage your account online, you'll enjoy a return of 3.01% AER. This includes a 1.36% bonus for the first 12 months. Your account can be opened with £1 and you can make a withdrawal at any time. You cannot make withdraw from the Post Office.

Nationwide MySave Online Savings Account Plus

Make up to one withdrawal per year and earn 3.05% AER on your savings. This includes a 1.51% bonus that's paid for the first 12 months only. Interest is added monthly, and you should verify that you have the top account in one year's time.

How to Find the Top Easy Access Savings Accounts

Offers are constantly changing, and this year's best savings account may not necessarily be so in the future. It's important that you trawl the market, perhaps using a price comparison site, to make sure that you still have the top savings rate in 12-months time. If you fail to do this, you could well find that you're earning a nominal 0.1% interest.

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