Top female earners in music

Musicians make a lot of money because music is addictive and people can’t live without it. Some of the top female earners in music walk away with millions a year. We’ve got a rundown of the top five earners on the planet that tells you just how much each earns per year.

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Our lead image probably gives the game away, but Madonna isn’t just the top female earner in music, she’s also music’s top earner. Ultimately, she’s also the highest earning celebrity across all fields thanks to earnings of $125 million a year. She makes her money from sales of her current work, the massive back catalogue of songs that goes back to October 1982. She also makes a bundle from merchandise sales, her Material Girl clothing brand and her Truth or Dare fragrance, but touring is where she makes the most money. Her MDNA tour grossed $305 million and Madonna would have seen a far proportion of the profits.

Lady Gaga

The second highest earning female pop star is Lady Gaga who takes home $80 million. As with Madge, her tours are long and criss-cross the world so she takes most of her profits from those, but her ARTPOP album and her back catalogue that includes hits like Poker Face and Just Dance also make money for the American singer.

Taylor Swift

The third artist on the list might be a surprise to some as she’s beaten competition like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, but Taylor Swift is one of the world’s most popular singers. Her album Red sold 1.2 million copies in its opening weekend and she regularly makes a packet from touring. The former girlfriend of Harry Styles makes $55 million a year from her work which isn’t bad for a career that only started in 2006.

Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez

Other major female earners from music include Beyonce who out earns her husband Jay Z by taking home $53 million. Jennifer Lopez doesn’t have the stellar movie and music career she used to, but she’s the fifth highest earner with $45 million a year.

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