Getting the Most for Your Money with the Top Fixed Rate Savings Accounts

Savings accounts aren’t offering a lot these days, even the top fixed rate savings accounts don’t offer really high interest. But, when you have some money that can be put away for a while, placing it in a savings account where it will earn at least some interest, is going to put you a little bit ahead.

Finding the Best Rate

Researching top saving accounts in UK is easily done by using the Internet. There are several websites that actually have done much of the work for you by providing comparisons of the different banks, building societies and other financial institutions. These websites offer a great service and can save you time in your search.

The account that offers the best rate may not be the best for your circumstances. It’s always a good idea to be thorough in your research and be sure that you understand all the restrictions and requirements for the account you are considering.

Banking Over the Internet

These days, a great deal of banking is done online. This doesn’t bode well for those that don’t have a personal computer, but it works out well for those who do. It can sometimes be inconvenient when you want to make a withdrawal, however, as sometimes it can take several days. Many financial services only offer online bank accounts. This can often result in higher interest rates since there is lower overhead because it isn’t necessary to have as many ‘brick and mortar’ facilities. Everything is done over the Internet and through automated teller machines.

The Current Top Savings Accounts

The current two top rates are with HSBC and 1st Direct. Both are paying 8% for one year, with a £25 per month (at least) commitment, and there are no withdrawals allowed without penalty. With one of these top fixed rate savings accounts you’ll have a bit more than you started with and that’s always a plus.

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