Why premium bonds are one of the UK's top investments

One of the most obvious reasons Premium Bonds are one of the UK's top investments is how easy and inexpensive they are to buy. You simply visit your local post office or alternatively you can visit the post office website. There you can fill out an application form, where you will decide how many premium bonds you wish to purchase. Bonds are currently sold in multiples of £10 and you are allowed to buy up to £30,000 worth. The minimum purchase amount is £100, although you do have the option of paying monthly by direct debit, which is usually £50.

Once you have bought your premium bonds, you will be issued with a unique number, your holder number and this usually consists of between 9 and 11 digits. This number will be used to identify your winnings as well as any unclaimed returns. It is important you keep this number in a safe place and use it on any correspondence you send regarding your bonds. Without it you will unable to claim your returns. Your premium bonds will first enter the monthly draw exactly one month after you have bought the bonds. The reason the bonds are the one of the UK's top investments is because your chances of winning are 13,000 for every single pound you have in the premium bonds. These odds are much better than some investment bonds and definitely better than taking your chances with the Lotto.

All premium bond owners have the chance of winning £1 million every month. A prize that, if you win, is completely tax-free. Because premium bonds are one of the top investments for children and adults alike, they have now become popular christening and wedding presents. Although you have to be aged 16 or over to purchase a bond, you can buy a bond for a child with an adult agent until they reach the age they can have it for themselves. They are still entered into a draw except if they win the money is given to the agent, to place in an account on their behalf.

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