Top money making ideas of 2013

Whether you had money to invest, or nothing more than a simple but dynamic business idea, this year has offered many opportunities to the budding entrepreneur. The explosion in social media has certainly offered a whole new dimension of moneymaking possibilities. So what were some of the top money making ideas in 2013?

2013's top money making schemes

The top money making ideas in 2013 covered a diverse range of activities. The availability of modern technology at your fingertips has made it even easier for ambitious business people to begin developing their ventures from the comfort of their own home.


For all the ebb and flow of the retail markets over recent years, there has been no dip in demand for reading. Smart devices have launched a vast new market for books and periodicals. For those possessing writing skills, 2013 was a great year to get online and start making some serious money.

Biographies are increasingly popular among readers. If the subjects themselves are lacking in either the time or necessary skills to produce the goods, that's where ghost writers stepped in. A good tip for would-be biographers was to do some research, to find out when their targets were going to hit a certain age – 55, 60, 70 – and soon. Anniversaries are often when the subjects will consider pay-rolling their life stories.

Computer tuition

IT has become such an integral part of business and personal lives. With people being bombarded with the latest in downloads, apps and software, its all too easy to feel left behind. 2013 was an excellent year for those brushing up on IT skills and then passing these on through classes, or home tuition.

Web design opportunities in 2013

Because new websites are launching on an hourly basis, and existing ones are being upgraded, one of the top money making ideas in 2013 remained web design. Although bespoke solutions are available online, businesses are always looking for designers who can bring that extra flair. And for their potential clients the good news is the page design technology can be picked up fairly easily, through online courses, night classes or good old manuals.

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