Top salaries NBA

NBA player salaries don’t get the sort of press reserved for NFL players in the USA but that doesn’t mean they earn badly. The top salaries in the NBA rival those found in other US sports including football, baseball and NASCAR racing.

Top 5 players

Let’s start at the top with Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant. This guy’s been in the game for many years and that level of experience and skill sees him pocket $25 million per year. Joe Johnson of the Brooklyn Nets takes $24.9 million home a year. That’s just $100,000 less than Bryant. The Cleveland Cavaliers also spend big. Their marque player LeBron James gets just under $23 million a year for his efforts on the court. Proving that no one team grab all the top players, New York Knicks also have a $23 million man in the form of Carmelo Anthony. Houston Rockets’ top earner is Dwight Howard, who takes home $22.3 million

Next 5 players

The rest of the top 10 earners begins with Chris Bosh. The Miami Heat player gets $22.1 million a year. Chris Paul is the Los Angeles Clippers highest paid player. This guy gets $21.4 million. Oklahoma City Thunder pay Kevin Durant $20.1 million and Chicago Bulls give Derrick Rose just over $20 million per year. The other top ten earner in the NBA is Dwyane Wade who earns $20 million from Miami Heat(the only franchise with two players among the top 10 earners in the NBA).

Comparison with other US sports

Drew Brees is currently the NFL’s highest earner. When you consider his $100 million 5 year deal and add in a $37 million signing bonus along with other regular payments, you get a minimum yearly income of $23 million that could rise to $33 million. Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers is also one the NFL’s top earner. He gets $22 million a year. NASCAR is another top line US sport that pays well. Dale Earnhardt Jr is the sport’s top earner with a $25.6 million a year salary. His team mate Jimmie Johnson is another NASCAR driver who earns more than the top NBA players thanks to a $24.8 million pay packet.

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