Three Top Saving Accounts Available

Everybody wants to get the most out of their savings and the only way to do that is to find the top saving accounts. There are a few factors that you need to consider, including the interest rates, how often the interest is paid and whether you can take the money out without charge. Here are the three top saving accounts available as of August 2011.

ING Direct is one of the most popular accounts available because of the high interest that is offered on savings. For the first 12 months, customers are eligible for 3.10% interest and then it drops to 2.56%, which is still higher than most banks. The catch is that you can only access your money online or over the telephone as it is a web based company. You only need to put in £1 to open the account and you can access your money whenever you want to.

If you have at least £1000 that you want to put away into a savings account then you may want to consider the West Bromwich WebSave Easy Access Account. For the first year, there is an interest rate of 3.06%, which tracks the Bank of England base rate, and an extra bonus of 1.06%. Once that first year is up, the bonus rate disappears. However, you can only access your money three times each year without having to pay for it.

Leeds Building Society Online Access Account is another popular option for the easy access to the money. There is no fee for withdrawing money at any time but cash withdrawals are not possible. The whole account is managed online and you need to have a minimum of £100 in it. The interest rates does track the Bank of England base rate but there is a 2.55% bonus for the first year of opening the account.

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