Top Savings Accounts in the UK

If you're looking for the top savings accounts in the UK you need to consider exactly what you want from a savings account. Is easy access more important to you than a high return at the end of the year? You'll find that the best accounts, in terms of interest, don't always come with the best features.


Top Instant Access Savings Accounts in UK

You could opt for an easy access account which generally have a competitive rate of interest than other providers but offers less benefits and more restrictions than other accounts. The three top instant access savings account in the UK, listed below, are all calculated with an initial 12 month interest bonus (of around 1.5%). After the 12 month period the amount of interest you receive will be reduced.

West Bromich - WebSave Easy Access: 3.06%, minimum £1,000 investment, operated online and only 3 penalty free withdrawals each year.

Nationwide - Online Plus: 3.05%, minimum £1,000 investment, interest paid monthly, unlimited deposits and only 1 penalty free withdrawal each year.

Post Office - Online Saver: 3.01%, minimum £1 investment, interest paid monthly and unlimited withdrawals.


Top Fixed Rate Bond Savings Accounts in the UK

A fixed rate bond account is an account that pays a fixed rate of interest for a specified period and often returns higher amounts than normal cash ISA accounts because of the higher interest rate. You usually can't access your money during the fixed term. The top savings accounts in the UK for fixed rate bonds are:

Britannia - BS 1 year fixed rate bond: 3.90%, minimum £2,000 investment, branch access only.

Post Office - 2 Year Bond: 3.96%, minimum £500 investment, choice between monthly or annual interest.

Birmingham Midshires - 5 year fixed rate internet bond: 4.65%, £1 minimum investment, 5 year bond with a choice of annual or monthly interest.

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