Are You Eligible for Travel Grants?

Travel grants are grants offered to a certain group of individuals with a need to travel. Majority of such grants provide a defined amount of money, but leave it to the grantee’s discretion to determine how to best make use of the funds. In some cases, however, the benefactor or sponsor requires the grantee to spend the grant only on fare and accommodation, as well as for obtaining travel documents.

University of Cambridge

If you visit cam.ac.uk, you will be able to find more information about the university’s grant for students that have a need for travel funds for going to Latin America or the Iberian Peninsula. To be eligible for this grant, undergraduate students of the university must prove in their application their academic need for travelling to the said sites and the type of fieldwork they intend to perform in their destination.

Travel funds offered by the university award up to £500 for Latin America trips and £250 for Iberian Peninsula trips.

British Council

If you think travel grants are only for students, you will be pleased to know that many institutions also offer such grants to fully employed adults. A list of them is in fact available at britishcouncil.org, together with their respective criteria. There’s the Royal Society, which has an International Travel Grants Scheme for natural science researchers or scientists that have a need to participate in conferences abroad or are involved in international projects. The Welcome Trust, on the other hand, provides travel funds for scientists to visit developing countries and perform research into biomedical ethics.

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