Travel Insurance

Check out the travelinsurance website for an instant quote. Choose from the insurance options available: long term cover, single trip insurance, annual, backpacker, business or ski and pick the best policy to suit your circumstance. This handy website explains everything in plain English, reducing the confusion about policy types which often plagues travel insurance. Say for example, you are heading on a week long holiday holiday, single trip insurance is the way to go. This will cover your belongings, accidents and any unexpected turn of events which could see you out of pocket on your hols. The TravelInsurance single trip policy also covers kids for free.

If you prefer to shop around a bit before committing, check out the aceinsure website. This website offers some great, tailor made insurance packages at competitive rates. Some policies, for example, start at only £5! There is also a 10% discount if you purchase online, as well as unlimited medical cover and a competitive policy for the over 65s. If you'd prefer some human contact when purchasing insurance, call the number advertised on their website - it won't cost you a penny.

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