Top travel insurance companies and best deals available!

Travel insurance is essential for all holiday makers. The following are some of the top travel insurance companies and best deals they offer.

The Post Office

The Post Office provides a range of quick and easy travel insurance options. This includes annual multi trip, single trip and long trip insurance. They also have an explorer travel insurance option for backpackers and those on a gap year. All policies are available in three levels of cover.

Direct Travel Insurance

Direct Travel Insurance offers a variety of travel insurance policies. They tailor policies so that you can get the right level of cover for you. They provide a wide range of cover, from holidays with the UK and Europe through to extended travel further afield. Single trip cover starts from just £2.22 per day.

Sainsburys Travel Insurance

Sainsburys Travel Insurance has a range of travel insurance products. This includes annual multi trip and single trip for up to 60 days and extended trip insurance for up to 365 days. They have an excellent online quote system that takes just a few minutes. They also have a great deal of a 25% online discount for loyalty card holders.

Virgin Travel Insurance

Virgin Travel Insurance provides great travel insurance that is easy, quick and reliable. They provide a range of insurance options to meet all budgets. Options include single trip, annual, over 65s and backpackers travel insurance. They also include 40 adventure sports as standard with all travel insurance. They have a travel advice helpline for any queries or concerns you may have.

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