Looking for competitive travel insurance for backpackers?

Are you lucky enough to be jetting off backpacking around the world soon? Whether you are travelling Australia, South America, Asia or Africa, it is essential that you don't leave without travel insurance for backpackers!

Travel insurance is vital in case you fall ill, miss your flights or your personal items are lost or stolen. Hospital bills will be extremely expensive and you might find it difficult to find a doctor to see you without being paid in advance.

A well known reputable company to get your travel insurance for backpackers off is 247travelinsurance.co.uk. They have been providers of quality cover for over ten years now and have a great policy tailored especially for backpackers. Their policy will cover anyone under the age of 55 for up to 18 months continuous travel.

They have two different levels of cover available, depending on your needs - standard or premium. Both policies insure over 100 activities as standard and you have access to a 24 hour emergency assistance helpline. Quotes start at just £8.81! To get your own personal quote, simply log onto their website.

Insureandgo.com is another great website, specialising in travel insurance for backpackers. They provide unrivalled cover for medical expenses, personal accident and cancellation fees. With 4 different policies available, you will easily find the right one for you.

Again, you can purchase a policy for up to 18 months and you can easily renew your policy online from wherever you may be! Getting a quote is simple, just log onto their website and choose "backpackers".

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