Where to Apply for Travel Insurance for Elderly People

If you are at least over 50 years old, you should seriously consider applying for travel insurance for elderly people. This is because most major insurance companies are reluctant to provide coverage for people your age due to increased risk. Even if they are willing, their standard policies may not provide sufficient coverage for your needs.


Coverage for travel insurance for senior citizens include round-the-clock assistance for medical emergencies, treatment and services necessary for the insured’s pre-existing medical conditions, damage, theft, or loss of the insured’s medical equipment and personal belongings, coverage for the insured’s cancellation charges as well as loss for deposit, financial failure in the part of the accommodation or tour provider or travel operator, and zero charge for administration fees if you find anything you would like to amend.

Other great features of this policy include free coverage for any children the insured has that are below 18 years of age, as well as a maximum of 17 days’ coverage for winter sports if you signed up for the multi-trip or annual option for travel insurance.


You have a lot more options to choose from on this site. They have policies specifically designed, for instance, for those who are over 70 years old, those who are above 75 years of age and those who are backpacking. They also have travel insurance for winter sports as well as long stays.

Moreover, any travel insurance for elderly people that you sign up for from this site can be extended in order to cover any damage, theft or loss of your holiday car as well. You will only have to pay 39.99 GBP for countries of EU and EEA, and 59.99 GBP for countries outside EU and EEA with a few exceptions.

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