Travel Insurance for Ireland from the UK

Many things can go wrong while traveling, regardless of how safe the place you are traveling to is. For those who plan to travel to Ireland in the near future, know that travel insurance for Ireland trips is very cheap and can be purchased in minutes online at many insurance company websites. Travel insurance can protect you against a variety of things, such as lost luggage, stolen wallets, accidents that cause injuries, muggings and so on.

Below is a list of several travel insurance providers in the United Kingdom that are able to offer travel insurance for Ireland.

World Nomads: Coming recommended by Lonely Planet, you can buy, extend and make insurance claims all on the website. You get Ireland travel insurance quotes very quickly by filling out the information on the front page of their website.

Insurance Bookers: This Ireland insurance provider offers a wide range of travel insurance products. Their travel insurance covers medical expenses that are a result of accidents and also covers all valuables.

AXA: AXA is another Ireland travel insurance provider that is very flexible in its insurance coverage; AXA offers insurance coverage for a wide range of sports and extreme activities. If you plan to ski, trek or go horseback riding on your vacation, purchase travel insurance with AXA.

A few other top travel insurance companies for Ireland and UK travel include Insure-and-Go, AA Ireland, Allianz Ireland and Travel Insurance Direct Ireland.

Purchase travel insurance according to the dates you will be traveling.

Before purchasing travel insurance for your Ireland excursion, do your research. Do not simply buy from the first travel insurance provider you stumble upon. You want to get a good idea of travel insurance prices for Ireland and then do comparisons based off price and the pros and cons of each insurance product.


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