Looking for travel insurance with low excess?

If you're heading off on the holiday of your dreams, then we don't want to temper your excitement by pointing out the need for Travel Insurance. In saying that, there's absolutely no harm in taking out a policy that keeps you and your family safe in the event of the unlikely.

In our opinion, the best types of holiday cover are ones that have travel insurance low excess and a low premium. This can be a bit of a stretch to find, however we believe we have found one provider who ticks both of these boxes, and that provider is Marks and Spencer, who now provide an excellent Travel Insurance product that you can view at money.marksandspencer.com/insurance/travel-insurance.

For a relative newcomer to the market, Marks and Spencer offer a really comprehensive product. Their excess is one of the lowest on the market, and they offer a range of different levels of cover. You can take out single trip cover, or even annual multi-trip cover. They even offer a 20% discount if you book directly from them on their site, so the bargains keep adding up!

Their policy offers cover for medical expenses up to £10,000,000, while cancellation and curtailment cover is to the tune of £6,000. They offer a range of optional extras including baggage insurance, Winter Sports cover, golf holiday cover and even Business cover. Their policies are provided by AXA Insurance UK, so you'll be sure you are getting quality protection. Check them out today for great cover for your holidays!

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