Get peace of mind with travel insurance for your Spain holiday

Spain is the favourite holiday destination for the British. Sheer numbers mean that there bound to be some travellers who find themselves in trouble, whether due to illness, accident or crime. It's best to have travel insurance for that Spain visit, however familiar you are with the country.

For medical expenses, many travellers believe they are adequately protected by their EU E111 medical card. This may often be the case, especially for minor problems, but sometimes its regulations mean that you can't always be treated at the nearest hospital, and it won't cover the cost of repatriation back to the UK, or extended hotel bills. With travel insurance this is not a concern.

Theft is not a big problem in Spain but it can be common in some areas, notably in Madrid and the resorts on the coast, in public places where there are large numbers of tourists. Having your passport and travel money stolen is always an irritation, but it needn't be an expensive one if you have adequate insurance.

Travellers who are intending to take part in adventurous activities like skiing in the Pyrenees, rock climbing in the Sierra Nevada, or watersports on the coast, should try to find a policy that includes these activities, even if the premiums are steeper. A few pounds extra now will prove cheaper than the costs of an air ambulance should something go wrong.

For quick online quotes go to a comparison site like www.moneysupermarket.com. Costs will depend on several factors like length of trip, age, general fitness and similar questions, but it should be possible to find adequate travel insurance for Spain from just £7 per person for a week's stay.


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