Getting the best travel money deals

Getting the best travel money deals can save you valuable cash, so it is important to shop around before making a decision. You should always avoid changing money at the airport, as the exchange bureaux there generally offering the worst rates. Comparing the rates on specialised websites is a good way to learn the best exchange options.


This website is a branch of MoneySavingExpert.com and provides a useful tool for finding the best travel money deals. The online search tool is very easy to use and it allows you to pick your currency, enter the amount you want to spend or the currency amount you want to buy and choose to have the money delivered or collected at the nearest branch. After making these selections, you just have to click on the “Find me the best rate” button and choose the most convenient option from the list the website generates for you.

TravelSupermarket .com

This website offers a similar online service for travel money deals, providing options for buying online, having the currency delivered at home or picking it up at the airport. The website offers various options for purchasing travel money, but also for currency cards, traveller’s cheques and credit cards. Some of the companies you will get results from are Travelex, Post Office, the Currency Club, Sainsbury’s Finance, Saga, My Travel Cash and Fair Fx. The travel money section at Travelsupermarket.com also features several useful guides related to managing your money safely when travelling as well as for using your currency cards and credit cards abroad.


This is one of the leading websites specialised in comparing the best travel money deals online. The website allows you to compare providers by currency supplier, exchange rate, price for £500, delivery costs and user ratings. A useful feature of this website is the currency buy back service, which allows you to sell the loose bits of change that you return with from your holiday.

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