Low cost trike insurance

It used to be quite difficult to find trike insurance in the UK. Now that trikes are much more popular these days, insurers have all started covering them. Basically any insurer doing motorcycle cover now do trike cover too.

Instead of looking at all the various options we have found a great website that offers some truly amazing deals on your trike insurance. Hit up thebikeinsurer.co.uk and let's see what they can do for you.

When it comes to insurance you should generally stick to a company that has been specializing in their field for a long time. The team at The Biker Insurance have been specialising in trike insurance since October 1994. This was right around the time when they began taking off, so they really have been their since the start.

Any engine size from 50cc up to 5.7 litre and beyond are covered for up to £30,000. All levels of cover available so check them out to find the best suited option. Riders from age 17+ are welcome and they can even avail of the limited mileage discounts available. Of course you will have the option to spend a little extra for breakdown and personal accident cover. You can even pay in installments to make insurance more accessible to younger riders. Last but not least, instant cover is also available. This means you can pay and get covered there and then.

Hit up The Bike Insurer and get a quote on your trike. Trike insurance is easy to find and cheap when you know where to look, now you do!

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