What kind of perks do Permanent TSB student loans offer?

If you are a student struggling with the every day expense of going to college and living in a new city, then it's probably time to start thinking about your finance options. No banks in Ireland will offer you a "Student Loan", but most of them will offer you full access to their regular personal loan facility. One such bank is Permanent TSB, so we're going to check out what's on offer from their Permanent TSB student loans.

Permanent TSB are the perfect destination for any student that is seeking finance as their loans are extremely flexible, and start from as low as 2,500 Euro to a maximum based on your income and how much you want to borrow. They will sit down with you prior to the loan starting to discuss your options, meaning you won't take on too much money, and won't be able to pay it back. Most loan terms run from between one to five years, but are available up to ten, which could be perfect if you are still studying and need to stretch it out.

Their interest rates are extremely favourable too. If your loan is less than 5,000 Euro, then you'll pay 14% APR. For loans above 9,000 Euro, you will only have to pay 12% APR. These match up extremely well with other providers. Why we recommend them for student finance is their facility to allow you to delay the start of repaying your loan for a year - which is perfect if you still have studies to do. You can apply at your local branch, simply set up an appointment and hopefully your financial problems will soon be over.

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