Types of government grants

Energy Grants

There are many government grants available in this category and their purpose is to support renewable energy sources within the home. One of these grants provides funding to install a renewable heating system in your property, and from the 01st August 2011, grants can be provided for the following technologies; a ground source or water source heating pump, a biomass boiler (only available to homes without mains gas heating), an air source heat pump or solar thermal hot water panels. Further information about this grant and other energy saving grants can be obtained from the Energy Saving Trust.

Community care grants

Community care grants can be used for a variety of purposes to fund care within your own home. There may be many reasons why you may need care, within your own home, whether you are moving out of residential or institutional care to reside independently, or you need help to remain at home rather than moving into residential care. Local authorities and voluntary organisations will be able to offer the most suitable advice on the grants which are available in relation to the care packages that are required. The community care grants can help pay for domestic assistance such as helping with housework or meal preparation, or they can pay for health care services either by a care worker or nurse.

Disabled Facilities Grants

A Disabled Facilities Grant is awarded by the local authority and can help pay for adaptations to a property to enable a disabled individual to continue living there. This may involve the addition of an extra bedroom or wet room downstairs, and alterations to rooms such as the kitchen to make them more accessible. Local councils usually have a standing list of builders which they recommend to undertake this work, and will help you through the process of obtaining a grant and provide you with a list of builders to choose from. Local authority websites will provide comprehensive details on disabled grants and the application process.

Business Start up

Business start up grants are provided either by local enterprise zones, Business Link or charities such as the Prince's Trust. The grants can be used for a variety of purposes to help get a business up and running. Grants can pay for items such as materials, equipment or software essential for your business or help with marketing and advertising costs. For further information on specific grants contact your local enterprise zone or Business Link for further information.

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