The Types of Grants Available in The UK

The government remains the biggest source of funding for many local authorities and councils around the UK. Wide and varied, there is a grant for virtually everything. The National Lottery is also another major funding and has a variety of different types of grants available. Many of the National Lottery grants focus on arts and education of children.

The StreetCred grant is government-backed and is designed to help young people between the ages of 13-19 years of age. With a maximum grant of £10,000 available it can be used to put towards a community centre building or youth club. Activity holidays and other events are also popular with the StreetCred grant. Youngsters are encouraged to apply for the grant as a group, with only minimal support from adults.

The Historic Building grant is exactly what it sounds like;it is designed to pay for important maintenance and upkeep for historic buildings in each area. Bedfordshire has 1,900 historic buildings and has been a recipient of this grant for many years.

Of all the different types of grants available, the Lifestyle Scheme grant is one of the most popular group grants available. Designed to support, promote and develop cultural activities for children. It also covers children's playgroup activates and sporting facilities aimed at introducing children to the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. You can apply for any number of government-funded grants though your local council offices. They will explain to you the different types of grants available and whether any are suitable for your specific needs.

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