Who provides the best value on UK car insurance?

Looking to take a different tack on your hunt for a reasonably priced car insurance quote? There are plenty of bargains to be found out there on UK car insurance, and this blog will be aiming to hook you up with some of those bargains as we point you in the direction of a company offering some fantastic deals on Car Insurance right now, so lets check them out.

In our experience, the deals on offer from eSure at http://www.esure.com/ are well worth having a gander at. eSure are an insurance giant, offering a wide variety of products including Car Insurance, Home Insurance, Pet Insurance, Travel Insurance, Motorbike Insurance and Van Insurance. Their Car Insurance is their strong suit though, and the best part is that they aren't insurance brokers, you will be taking out your policy directly with them, meaning more scope to tailor your policy they way you want it.

All of eSure's policies are stacked with phenomenal extras that other companies simply don't seem to offer. These include a free courtesy car if your car is being repaired by one of their "Recommended Repairers", There's free windscreen repair if the work is carried out by one of their recommended windscreen specialists, you can also build up up to 75% No Claims Discount.

For a small additional fee, eSure also let you take out some brilliant extras on your policy. These are Breakdown Cover, Motoring Legal Protection, Protection for your No Claims Bonus for the life of your policy, and Personal Injury Benefit, as well as Car Hire Benefit. Check them out today for a great deal on your Car Insurance!

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