We look into who the best UK debt collection agency is!

Have you got a debt that needs collecting and you feel like you are banging your head off a brick wall trying to call it in. Why not enlist the help of a UK debt collection agency? These companies are completely above board, and work within legal terms to help you get your money back. They have a tremendous success rate, so in this blog we are going to take a look at just who is the best of them currently operating in the UK.

Despite what you may have seen in the movies, debt collection agencies these days don't break legs, or use physical violence to collect cash. They simply apply pressure through legal means like using credit agencies, or repossessions to help you get your dough. We suggest starting out with probably the largest company in the UK offering this service, and you can find them online at www.debtcollect.co.uk/.

Debt Collect promise to successfully collect the debts that other companies are struggling with, and the best part is, if they can't collect the debt, then you won't have to pay them any fee, so there is no risk involved!

Another company offering a similarly impressive pedigree is the Direct Collections company, who you can find online at www.directcollectionsltd.co.uk/. This company offers to use their dedicated team of debt collectors and investigators to collect your debt face to face from the person who owes it. They only ask a small fee, and they boast a huge success rate in getting the money you are owed. They are well worth checking out!

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