What are the current UK gold prices per gram

If you're planning to cash in on some of your older jewellery, then it's a good idea to keep up to date with the current UK gold prices per gram. While many of the adverts you find on TV claim that they'll offer you the very best prices for your unwanted gold, the fact of the matter is that they will instead try to prise it away from you for as little as they possibly can, taking advantage of your ignorance as to the cost of gold to make it seem like you've gotten a great price when the reality is very much the opposite.

Before you can understand the current market price of gold, it's worth reading a little background as to how this value is actually calculated. As most people already know, gold is rated by carat. The higher the carat rating (up to 24) the more valuable the gold. 24 carat gold is not often used for things like jewellery since it is extremely soft.

Instead, this high grade gold is mixed with other metals in order to form a much stronger, harder and more durable metal. The most common metals to mix the gold with are silver and copper. The carat rating is based on the ratio of gold to copper or silver in any given specimen.

Since 24 carat gold is 24 parts out of 24, it is 100% pure. 12 carat gold, by comparison is 12 parts out of 24, so 50% pure. This continues throughout the carat scale, allowing both buyers and jewellers to understand the quality of what they are buying and selling respectively.

What cash for gold stores will do after determining the carat rating of your gold is weigh all the pieces of the same carat together, then determine the overall weight of the pieces. This will allow them to figure out exactly how much gold is present within the total weight, and make you an offer for it.

As it stands at the time of writing, the absolute minimum you should accept for your gold are as follows:

9ct = £10.2310ct = £11.3814ct = £15.9615ct = £170518ct = £20.4621ct = £23.8722ct = £24.9924ct = £27.25

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