Get a financial helping hand from UK Loan Finder

The economic situation has made banks and building societies very cautious with their loans. These days it can be very tough for anyone without an impeccable credit rating to borrow money. The UK Loan Finder site guides you towards options where it might be possible to bypass a poor credit rating and qualify for a loan.

UK Loan Finder (ukloanfinder.org) charges no upfront fees. They identify lenders who can provide loans and credit for people with bad credit ratings, those on benefits and the unemployed.

Their options for loans divide into credit cards, bad credit loans and payday loans. They will find companies willing to issue credit cards to borrowers who have been turned down by banks. They can also find loans available to those who have bad credit ratings, or short-notice loans, with no paperwork, in under 24 hours.

If you are uncertain about the most suitable loan for your needs, click the Find a Loan function and type in the sum you need to borrow. There are lenders who will provide loans of up to £25,000.

The only charges that should apply will be the interest on your repayments. UK Loan Finder does not charge you for finder's fees or brokerage charges.

Be aware that these kinds of loans can involve very substantial interest rates and tough repayment terms. Alongside your application for credit at UK Loan Finder, you should consult the Government's debt problems pages on the money, tax and benefits section of direct.gov.uk. This offers advice and information on the best ways of managing debt.


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