The Top UK Mortgage Providers

UK mortgage providers, unlike other areas of the world, are bound by strict rules and regulations. These regulations, along with a strict code of ethics are designed to protect the consumer when they make one of the biggest purchases of their life. Most people cannot afford to purchase a home outright, which is why 85% of the population turns to a mortgage lender to borrow the outstanding amount. With the average UK mortgage coming in at around £120,000 it is important people make an informed decision about whom they wish to take their mortgage out with.

Nearly all of the top UK mortgage providers offer free financial advice to their potential customers and this can prove invaluable in a person's hunt for the most suitable mortgage for them. The Yorkshire Building Society is one of the most competitive mortgage lenders on the market. With a flexible fixed rate of 4.99% APR for two years, they will lend 75% of the property's value. They do charge fees relating to the mortgage and a full survey is required but they also offer mortgage advice, independent of the building society.

HSBC offer one of the lowest interest rates at 2.59% APR this is for a mortgage of 60% of the property's value. This means the customer pays a much larger initial deposit but ends up paying less interest. In an uncertain economic climate, having such a low fixed interest rate can make all the difference to a person's long-term finances. Santander is probably the biggest name in the UK mortgage market, and they offer a quality mortgage service too. While there mortgage rate is around about the average at 4.24% APR, customers can experience a fixed rate for 2 years of2.89% APR. Their mortgage advisory service is the best and customers can take advantage of this service with no obligation.

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