Finance your studies with a UK student loan

Student finance has been a contentious issue for years now. With English university students facing the prospect of paying substantial amounts in tuition in addition to maintenance costs, a UK student loan has become a necessity.

The Government's Education and Learning pages at direct.gov.uk offers details on the application process for student loans. For the academic year in 2012-13, you should apply for finance early in 2012.

There are 2 kinds of loan available: a Maintenance Loan to pay living costs for full-time students only, and Tuition Fee Loans for full and part-time students.

The amounts paid in Maintenance Loans depend on your family’s income, where you live and your year of study. They range from £4375 for students living at home to £7675 for students living away from home and studying in London.

Maintenance Loans are means-tested. You can apply for 65 per cent of the loan without having your household income examined. To obtain the full amount Student Finance England (studentfinance.direct.gov.uk) will assess your household income and base the amount of your loan on that. Your household income comprises your own income plus that of your parents or partner.

Tuition Fee Loans for new full-time students are available up to £9000, or £6,750 for part-time students. To qualify for a Tuition Fee Loan any part-time course must be least 25 per cent of an equivalent full-time course each year.

Returning students will continue on the old UK student loan scheme with lower tuition fees. For further advice on student finances visit ucas.com.


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