Unlucky seven

UK workers pay more tax than their counterparts in the US and Japan, but fare well compared to Germany and France, according to research.

Britain hits both high and low earners hard for tax, imposing the seventh highest taxes out of the 19 major economies. Those earning a wage of £15,000 in the UK keep only 83.2% of their pay. In Dubai that figure is 100% in Dubai, in Ireland it is 95.7% and is just over 90% in the US and Japan.

The only major economies that tax lowest-earners more are Germany, France, India, Italy, Estonia and Mexico with low paid workers in Germany faring the worst – keeping just 72.6% of their annual salary.

Meanwhile, high earners in the UK get to keep 60.9% of their earnings after tax. Compare that to Russia, where the rich get to keep 87% of their earnings.

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