Why do I need unoccupied house insurance?

There are various reasons why a house may be left unoccupied for some period of time, but whatever the reason it's important to realise that normal home insurance won't cover an unoccupied home and you may need to take out unoccupied house insurance. Normally, home insurance policies won't cover a home if it's been unoccupied for more than a month.

If you haven't been using your home as a residential dwelling for more than a month or it's been unoccupied you might be in for a bit of a shock when you try to make a claim. If you know your home is going to be unoccupied, take out unoccupied home insurance, or do so immediately when it becomes apparent the home isn't going to be used for a month or more.


Can I use the same provider?

Your own provider might offer unoccupied home insurance so it's best to alert them first. They may also offer certain conditions which allow you to keep you policy, or offer more flexible terms on your current deal. Typically, most insurers will agree to some terms and conditions if the home is only unoccupied for 3 months or less.


What if I'm away for longer?

If your home is going to be unoccupied for 3 months or longer then you need to go to a specialist unoccupied home insurance provider to find the best coverage. Unoccupied homes are at a higher risk of damage if they're left for a long period of time so most average house insurance providers won't be willing to cover this. You can use price comparison websites to compare the best deal from unoccupied house insurance specialists.

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