Unused jewellery can get you extra money with the Cash for Gold scheme

‘Gold worth’ or the ‘value of my gold’ is a common question, particularly as there are an increasing number of companies that are willing to give you cash for gold. But how do you know how much your gold’s worth or the value of your gold without having to send your gold to anyone?

Online calculators allow you to see your gold worth by entering the weight and the carat of your gold. This means that you can quickly and simply see your gold worth without having to send your gold to anyone. Many websites have an online calculator which will help you calculate the value for your gold.

Other websites recycle and reuse any gold that you send to them. They will buy scrap and unwanted items of gold direct from you. They always need gold for production orders. They make it very easy for you to sell them your gold and pay top prices as their demand for gold is very high.

Your scrap gold does not need a hallmark as their experienced buyers will determine the carat for you and contact you with the exact value. All you have to do is apply online for an unbeatable, instant quote; send your gold to the company your best pleased with and they will settle your gold sale within 24 hours of receipt.

Many companies buy scrap gold, unwanted gold, old gold - in fact any gold, any weight, any carat! You can sell your gold coins, gold with no hallmarks, broken gold, foreign gold and more.

Gold price fluctuates on a daily basis. The gold price is set in US dollars and the gold price is based on the weight of the gold being measure in troy ounces. To work out the gold price you then need to convert the US dollar gold price into pound Sterling and convert this gold price to grams from a troy ounce. The gold price is also affected by the purity of the gold (the carat).

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